Whole House Inspection

Advant whole house inspection in greenwich

Whole House Inspection

A house is apparently the huge investment anyone can ever do. A whole house inspection in Greenwich for protection and peace of mind is really a deal. The inspection procedure is also a learning event. You will learn the elements that will enable you in maintaining and understanding your new house. The whole house inspection in Greenwich Service is Advent Engineering Home Inspection which continue to maintain the highest degree of professionalism and cleanliness.

Your interests are important; still, the home inspection process involves entering and wandering through the property being inspected.  We encourage you to come on the inspection, and don’t hesitate to ask about your doubts. We will go through the house outside to inside, top to bottom and provide written report on the same day caring your peace of mind about your investment decision just all in one home inspections in Greenwich.

Safety Precaution During Pandemic

During the Covid 19 pandemic situation, gloves and masks use are mandatory for Inspector.  This is for both your safety and the protection of the Inspector. This is a hard time with Covid-19 Virus crises.  Phone meetings are available if you are not interested to visit onsite for the inspection investigation.  Further more, if you sense that you may be sick, please do not need to visit the property.  If you have certain and particular concerns associating to Covid-19 and the home inspection, please inform us freely.

Inspection Report with Details

We develop a Professional Home Inspection report by licensed Home Inspectors.  All reports match and the Real Estate Commission Standards of Practice. Our inferred Inspection included in every inspection can reveal flaws to the Home inspector that cannot be seen by the “naked eye”.  Water intrusion and leakage, overheating wiring, and insulation voids are a few inspection illustrations.

Our experts inspect the most important Foundation Movement you are concerned about. Whether it is Small office, big and entire building or a warehouse, If you’re searching to go for a commercial investment, you require data to help form a good buying decision. And for this Advent Engineering Home Inspection is the best choice to get a trustworthy territory inspection.

Why Advent Engineering Home Inspection?

Having a vast experience of home modification and renovation, and general contracting and layout, we follow and are updated with all the conventional education updates. We are highly experienced in all stages of home inspection. We do a detailed, extensive, simple to understand inspection that summarizes the findings earned during the inspection operation. We are not only inspecting the internal but the core and complicated external issues so that your investment stay safe.




Welcome toAdvant Engineering Home Inspection,  We are a Officially and fully licensed and insured Los angeles home inspection company offering appointments seven days a week. In our  comprehensive inspection services, we help you, the home buyer, understand the home you are about to purchase, what defects, if any, may exist in the home, and provide useful explanations on how to operate and maintain the home responsibly for years to come. We also provide Post Construction services too.

We are here to offer guidance before you purchase a house because if there is any critical fault you will regret it. New and experienced buyers ask question about the home and what inspection you have perform to ensure the safety of the house. So we make all there complexity question easier by explaining all the inspection we performed.

We welcome and encourage you to join us at the Advant Engineering Home Inspection where you will be able to ask all of your questions and get an in-person explanation of important issues.