Roof Inspection

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Roof Inspection

Roaming around building inspection services and searching for commercial roof inspection near me? No need to dig into anymore. Advent Engineering Home Inspection brings up with all the inspecting solutions including commercial roof inspection near me as conducting a roof inspection provides precious insight into state of your roof. Occasional inspections and systematic maintenance to rectify impaired conditions can considerably increase the long-term service life of any roof systems.

The regularity of your roof inspections relies on numerous variables, comprising the group of the roof texture, age, geographic area and weather circumstances. Most often, the cause of a roof downfall is the deficiency of proper maintenance and inspection.  Inspecting roof surfaces and maintaining the quality of roof surfaces and ducts can help increase the validity of the roof and pay dividends in roof performance. A regular roof inspection program can assist your business and extend roof life expectancy as well as reduce the need for unexpected repairs.

Being sure that you have scheduled an inspection and maintenance program on regular basis will definitely prevent the expensive accidental repair costs. Inspecting regularly and maintaining roof surfaces, drains and downspouts is crucial to an entire building preventive maintenance program. There are some certain rules to conduct and establish a roof inspection program that can work to enhance the performance of your roof that include conducting a periodic inspection on annual or semiannual basis after the introductory roof survey.

Spend a particular attention to the border areas of the roof and the flashings, where the roof and the wall intersect. In the spring, review for probable defect that might have happened from drastic winter and suppose to have necessary repairs. In the fall, assess for any preventive activity expected prior to winter arrival.

If you want your roof to stay healthy, conducting inspection is essential specially after any major hurricane and construction. Start up the roof inspection from inside the building. Inspect all interior walls and ceilings for indications of water stains, cracks and settling of foundation walls. The important point which an inspection service should carry in this regard are, Supporting structures, Roof covering condition, Flashing condition, Roof edging, Roof penetrations, Expansion joint covers, Pitch pans, Roof drain, Lightning protection systems, Evidence of standing water.

Organize all the supporting documents of inspections.

Advant Engineering Home Inspection is Trusted, Professional Roofers. Advent Engineering Home Inspection has been establishing roofing for over the years and has developed to serve as one of the most experienced roofing contractors in the country. This milestone has become possible only for the reason that our workers’ dedication and commitment to the deliverance they have constructed among our valuable clients over the years. We believe in lasting business relationships and this is our goal that we are continuously striving to upgrade our uncompromising service quality.



Welcome toAdvant Engineering Home Inspection,  We are a Officially and fully licensed and insured Los angeles home inspection company offering appointments seven days a week. In our  comprehensive inspection services, we help you, the home buyer, understand the home you are about to purchase, what defects, if any, may exist in the home, and provide useful explanations on how to operate and maintain the home responsibly for years to come. We also provide Post Construction services too.


We are here to offer guidance before you purchase a house because if there is any critical fault you will regret it. New and experienced buyers ask question about the home and what inspection you have perform to ensure the safety of the house. So we make all there complexity question easier by explaining all the inspection we performed.


We welcome and encourage you to join us at the Advant Engineering Home Inspection where you will be able to ask all of your questions and get an in-person explanation of important issues.