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About us

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A Home Inspector who Knows How to Educate

Advant Engineering Home Inspection is owned and operated by licensed New York and Connecticut home inspector Louis Csak., who choose the inspection industry as the “second act” to his career after retiring from the engineering field. Louis takes his training as a home inspector seriously and has years of experience and knowledge that comes in handy while working with his clients, including 35 years as a homeowner himself, experience in residential construction, and previous ownership of his own handyman company.

We are a leading company of that is eager to bring the right standards of a building to assure the security to be in a place. As we all know in this region inspection the residential or commercial place is important as risking someone’s life is not acceptable but where to find out the affordable inspection professionals in Connecticut than leave all the tensions behind because we are all set to present our professional services to inspect your commercial places so you can continue your work without any problem. 

Do you think that building a home is the last step? You don’t need to do anything else? You are living in a place or you built a commercial building now what? The next phase that is a regular one from professional aspect is the inspection of the place to guarantee a better living and professional standard with the secure surrounding. If you are living in Connecticut then no worries at all!

We are a team of inspection professionals in Connecticut to secure your commercial buildings and to make sure that you are living in a highly secure place or your commercial site is up to the standards. Louis Csak has experience in the following areas:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Building installation and techniques
  • Home renovation
  • Decks
  • Sheds
  • Complete kitchen rebuilds
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Electrical panel and subpanel upgrades
  • Standby generator installations
  • Solar panel system installation
  • And more!
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When it comes to customer care and offering the best service possible to home buyers, nobody puts as much effort in as Louis. He know What a home need after purchasing to ensure owner safety in the house.his clients can think of and guiding them step-by-step through what home ownership will entail.


Louis Csak has more than 35 years working in Engineering before pursuing his home inspection career. The knowledge he gained from this experience has proven to be extremely valuable to the home buyers and owners with whom he now works. Throughout his engineering career, Louis was tasked with inspecting and evaluating a broad range of mechanical and electrical installations and being able to identify, report and train on a wide variety of issues. He has experienced eye that he can know when and where the house need inspection or replacement.

Our team of highly professionals uses the latest technologies and tools to see whether the commercial site is built up to the standards and there are no flaws in it and how much renovation or work it needs to be in a stable and secure position.A complete report with a deep analysis is the ultimate product that we deliver to our customer so they can decide the best for their future!Let us help you as a wrecked building will be sealed if the inspection is not done properly so don’t take any risk and invest few dollars today to avoid a huge compensation in the future.This is the right time to decide what is your shot? And how you are going to do it in the best way possible! Search for the commercial roof inspection near me and have a look on the adventure engineering home inspection and book an appointment with us so you can have a better and secure roof and walls around you.Contact us and see how our professionals can help you and how a small and timely inspection can avoid the cascade and how you can be carefree in your professional life by walking on the right pathway.